16 December 2010


A few exciting upcoming events on the IWAC site:

- Perhaps it is the changing of seasons but I've received a flood of incoming interviews. For that reason, on occasional Thursdays I will post a second interview. At reader request, next week, two boats under 30 feet!

- Also at reader request, I am conducting just a few pilot interviews with newer cruisers which will be published on a new companion site: Newly Salted.

- Coming soon: Thanks to direct reader donations and also the trickle of revenue caused by your use of (or at least tolerance of) the ads on the sidebar, I will be posting a "liquid motivation" page to show you how those funds are being put to good use.

For those just joining the site, don't forget that you can sort the interviews by question, and suggest interviewees or questions. Also, the flyer has been updated to a tab format for posting in your community.