Liquid Motivation

I am asked occasionally if I have a financial stake in this project. The answer I give is that I earn a trickle of money from the ads on the page (thank you to those who click!) and from direct reader donations, and that trickle is enough to buy me occasional drinks, but not enough to be my sole motivation. I do this because it is fun for me and I'll stop, or pass the torch when it is not.

I've decided to turn that trickle into "liquid motivation" and as we travel around I'm enjoying tasting the local beverages. As a thank you to all readers and particularly those who've made a donation, I wanted to post some pictures and kudos here.

10. June 2013 - Thank you to  Douglas O. whose donation bought us some big frosty beers in Tahiti. Went down smoothly in the heat! Thank you Douglas.

9. July 2012 - In April, Waverly R. made a donation that we combined with some our own money to buy a stack of duty-free booze in French Polynesia. Thank you, thank you Waverly!

8. November 2011- We decided that some Kahlua would go down nicely in the (not at all) cold winter in the Sea of Cortez and so, thanks to Ian H, we are now the proud owners of several enormous bottles of Kahlua. Thank you Ian!

7. November 2011 - A double thank you to Stan F and to Radoslav N. whose combined donation purchased 3 cold pints of the only craft brews made in Baja California, Mexico while we were at La Ventana. Thank you for the delicious beers!

6. August 2011 - A very cold frosty thank you to Michael P who subsidized a batch of Arrogant Bastard Ale. We enjoyed the first of this batch while anchored off downtown San Francisco and it was much appreciated. Thank you Michael!

5. June 2011 - Thank you most kindly to Paul J. who funded an impromptu local beer tasting in Port McNeill with Livia & Carol on SV Estrellita 5.10b, new cruising friends of theirs and an Aussie they picked up off the dock. We tasted a Howe Sound (near Squamish BC) IPA and a Huckleberry beer (local berry, done by a BC brewery). Paul - you made our evening!

4. March 2011 - A very big thank you to Bill D of SV Imiloa for an all-local, mostly IPA bonanza. We'll be working our way through this as we work our way toward the Haida Gwaii this summer.

3. January 2011 - A big thank you to Mark H and the ad revenue for a sampler at the Jolly Roger tasting room at the Maritime Pacific Brewery in Ballard, WA - also during our winter sail in the Puget Sound. There were several nitrogen tapped and cask poured ales in that sampler. Tasty! 

Maritime Pacific Brewery Sampler

2. January 2011 - A big thank you to Alexander T. and the ad revenue for a trappist style ale for me at the Pike Brewery in the Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. While spending a few weeks cruising in the Puget Sound, this went down quite smoothly.

The Pike Brewery

1. December 2010 - One of the first things I did with the ad revenue was to make a bunch of inexpensive cards to hand out and to leave at marina and other posting boards as I travel.