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How do I search for all questions about X?
There are two ways. You can use the search field in the navigation bar to search for items or places of interest to you. You can also go to The Question Bank and click on any question. This will bring you to all interviews in which that question was asked. The question you clicked on will be in each interview somewhere in the set of 10. As the interview base grows, you may need to click on "older posts" to get beyond the most recent interviews containing your question.

Can I contact the authors? It depends. The authors chose what level of contact made the most sense for their lives. In some cases they may have given a blog or website which will be your best source for contact information. If they have left a blog/website, we encourage you to check it out. In other cases they may have left their email or given us permission to pass on follow-up questions to them, or asked not to be contacted with follow-ups - this will all be noted.

Can I link to this material? Feel free to post a link to this site or to any interview on this site. If you enjoy the site, spread the word. We would love to have more visitors! Please do not steal what has been written. Only repost the content of this site if you happen to be the interviewee. If you want to take a small quotation or excerpt from the site, be certain to give appropriate credit and link back to the original material.

Why no comments? I don't want the authors to feel obligated to monitor the comments or feel compelled to give out individual advice. With that being said, you may be able to contact the author (see above). In addition, you can always send me your comments at the contact information in the navigation bar.