09 September 2011

All good things must come to an end

This is a heads up to let the IWAC readership know that I will be putting the project on intermission.

What does that mean? As I post this, there is another month worth of interviews already scheduled. Interviews will continue to roll out, as per usual, for at least the next 4 weeks. I have a number of interview requests out and as those interviews come in I will continue publishing them on the site. However, I will not be actively recruiting new interviews and after the next month, I will not be posting interviews on every single Monday.

Why?! First, I've accomplished my own personal goals. There are now a large body of interviews, chock full of opinions and experiences, publicly available for free. Second, we seem to have reached a point in the information gathering process where most interviews contain information that has already been mentioned. Third, and not least, our cruising plans are taking us out of easy wifi connectivity and so the project will become even more work for me.

Why do you say intermission? I reserve the right to come back to this project, at a later point, and expand on it.

Why didn't you hand off the project to someone else to continue? Mostly because I would love to see how a different person would approach the task. I encourage someone else to start their own version. In fact, I'll pimp any cruising, interview based projects out here once they are up and running as I have done for other interview projects in the past.

Thank YOU. It's been a good run and I very much appreciate the time the interviewees have given to the task and the support of the readership. I want to thank everyone who put a badge on their own page, linked to the project, suggested interviewees or questions and who provided some liquid motivation by direct donation or by visiting the ads. I hope that people will keep the badges up on their websites and continue to direct cruisers-in-prep or armchair cruisers to this project as a cruising resource. The interviews will still be new to those who have never seen the site.

This is a good death. There is no shame in this, a project's death, a project that has done fine works.- (mis)quote from the movie Serenity


  1. Thank you for doing this project in the first place, we sure benefited, and just plain enjoyed reading it! Cheers

  2. You've done a great job! The resource is still there for those in the planning stages. Now go out and enjoy your boat and the world she will show you.

  3. Thank you for all of your work on the project. I've read each entry and waited weekly for the next installment. I will miss reading the accounts of regular people who have the same dream of exploring the world at their own pace.

    The one message I read over and over is get out there and go. There will never be a perfect time. Ask any parent holding their child if they should have waited for a better time or when they had this or this done first....the answer will always be no.

    Take a break, enjoy your own sailing experiences and come back and publish another 100 stories of real sailors.

    Martin (Sailing explorer in training)
    Atlanta, Georgia

  4. Thank you so much for all the work and effort you have put into this. It is enjoyable reading for anyone, as well as valuable insights for those who intend to take some time and go "out there".
    All the best to you in your future adventures.
    fair winds!

  5. Thanks for your time and effort in providing such great info for beginners like us! These interviews will always be a great resource. Enjoy your own cruising!

  6. My web site has moved. In interview for "Magnolia", please change http://billdietrich.byethost8.com/...


  7. Enjoy your cruising!! I have greatly appreciated this project as my husband and I prepared to start our own cruising life (6 months away now and we cannot wait!!).

    Thank you!!

  8. Thanks for providing a great cruising resource. Hopefully I can catch up with some of these cruisers for The Sailing Podcast,


  9. Yo. We're up for a circ in two years. Many years in the Caribbean behind us. Off to the South Pacific and new adventures. Thank you for a wonderful site - it's really helped to shape our view. Thanks again...

  10. Although now dated, I have still received a lot of good info, even 6 years later. Thank you. I have read every single one.