21 May 2010

Happy Two Months!

Can you believe it? Thank you to all of the interviewees who took the time to share their experience.

The state of the first two months:
- 9 interviews published
- 7 interviews formatted and scheduled for publication through July 5th.
- More than 20 additional boats who have agreed to participate and have their 10 questions in hand.
- The question bank has grown substantially thanks to interviewees and readers.
- And finally, thanks to you readers we've had a lot of good press.

As usual, I can use your help particularly in promoting the site (on forums, local publications, your message board at your marina, your blog, etc) and in finding more cruisers to interview.

Cheers, Livia


  1. You have provided great information to all, but I thing us dreamers really benfit from what you are doing....Thanks for the time and effort you put in to help and entertain fellow cruisers...