How you can help

If you enjoy this free public resourc, spread the word!

Post a link somewhere. If you participate in an online sailing forum and enjoy reading the interviews, please do post a link to the site. Or make a post about the project, or add a link, to your own blog/website.

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Post a badge somewhere. For the internet savvy, here is html for a "badge". If you would like to help spread the word, you can paste the following html into a blog post or website to create a badge that links back to this page.

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Doing so will create a badge that looks like this:

Write a letter, send an email or post a flyer. Let others in your community know about this free resource. Submit a letter to your local sailing publication or club newsletter introducing the project or post a note on a community board. Send an email to friends or to a group you belong to with the link. Feel free to print this SNAZZY FLYER and post it. Make certain to follow the rules of any posting area.