28 April 2010

Where is IWAC?

Below is a list of all of the places where the Interview With A Cruiser project has been mentioned. Thank you very much to everyone who has been spreading the word.

If I've missed a place, the link I have here no longer features the site, or if I've made any other error, please let me know via the comments section here or by email.

As always, there are many ways you can help including spreading the word and always feel free to shoot me an email (iwac.project@gmail.com) with a suggestion. You can always email an individual interview to a friend by clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom of each post. Also, the Question Bank has really been growing thanks to your feedback.

April 6 - Three Sheets NW
May - Duckworks WebWatch (listed with BoatBits)
June Issue - SSCA Commodore's Bulletin (Around & About section - publication is members only)
((upcoming)) Latitudes & Attitudes (July - Scuttlebutt section)

Featured on Blogs & Websites
2010 May -
6 - Cetus
17 - Women and Cruising
17 - SV Del Viento
2010 - April
6 - Boat Bits
7 - Yoders Afloat
19 - Messing About in Boats
20 - Follow the Boat (Esper)
23 - Bright Eyes
28 - Master of None


  1. Also:

    "One of the best wanderlust blogs out there"


  2. @Charles Dan - Thanks!

    I've also added a new link to a mention on Duckworks.

  3. This is such a great idea -- Hope you can keep them coming while you're out there cruising yourself! Have a great trip!

  4. Really enjoying the site - best part is links back to the extensive sites each of these folks have set up and share information on. Very useful.

  5. @Amy - Thank you and I'm working on having a two month backlog of interviews for precisely that reason.
    @Kathy - Thank you for the feedback.