15 March 2017

The IWAC Revival

After a five year hiatus, the Interview With A Cruiser Project is coming out of intermission.

I am toying with different formats, mulling over the question bank, reaching out to my contacts, and thinking through the project from top to bottom.

Here is your chance for input before the project gets up and rolling again!

What did you enjoy about the project? What did you find lacking? Did anything annoy or frustrate you? If you could run the project, what would you do differently? What subjects fascinated you? Which subjects weren't covered enough?

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Cheers, Livia


  1. Great to read you are "reviving" IWAC!

    One area/topic you might consider concerns "quitting" the "cruising life", especially quitting fulltime "offshore".

    There have been some pretty interesting blog posts about this. Sone disinchanted (and worse), some preferring cruising in home waters (that's us), some really enjoying but "it's time to come home", and some needing to come back to careers and/or make money (you guys?), etc etc.

    Cruising mags etc all sell the dream, but there is little on the (very real) downsides.

    Anyways, an idea for you.

    SV Pelagia

    1. That's a great idea and if you have any pointers to those blog posts that you found interesting I would love to see them! Thanks David.

  2. Yay! I'm really happy to hear the project is coming back! I read all the interviews when my then boyfriend (now husband) floated the idea of cruising back in 2012. I didn't know the first thing about cruising, and sailing was brand new to me as well. I had a lot of questions and found the interviews really helpful, especially learning about mistakes people made, assumptions that didn't prove true, helpful gear, and advice.

    In 2013, we bought a boat whose crew was interviewed (DreamKeeper). We're actually sailing in Mexico right now and next year, we'll qualify for your project. :)

    - Viviane, SV Juniper

    1. That is so great to hear!

      And you qualify right now for Newly Salted if you are interested in the mean time...


  3. Great. Just what has been going through our minds. Having returned ashore once and finding it very difficult we are cautious as to when to call it quits now as we move into mid late 60s

    1. Your voice is going to be an interesting one (as usual)!

  4. Hi, I would like to learn more about how they finance their lifestyle while cruising and if they are from the USA, how do they maintain health insurance.

    1. Big, common questions and a lot of people haven't felt comfortable talking about money (understandably). Maybe I can find a way to do a behind the scenes anonymous question. Thanks.