16 January 2011

New IWAC Companion Site: Newly Salted

A few months ago, I asked for feedback on ways to keep this site useful. Via comments and direct emails the suggestion was raised to interview cruisers who had been cruising fewer than 2 years. In this way, the Newly Salted companion site was formed.

The first interview, with Zero to Cruising, will go live this Wednesday, January 19th, 2011.

Please make yourself at home and learn about the Newly Salted site. Or more importantly suggest interviewees or volunteer to be interviewed.

Interviews will come out sporadically, not every Monday like the Interview With a Cruiser Project. For this reason, and so you don't miss them when they arrive, I recommend you subscribe either by email or by feed reader using the options at the bottom of every page on the Newly Salted site. You can subscribe to this site in the same way - remember that your subscriptions to each site are separate and that I won't use your email address for anything.