05 November 2010

Got opinions?

I know that many of you readers out there have read every single one of the more than 30 interviews on this site and at this point are starting to form strong opinions about what you would like to see more of and less of with your Monday morning coffee.

I've opened up the comments to this post - so please, speak and be heard.

1) Of the questions that I ask, which would you like to see asked more often and which would you like to see asked less often? Or is there a question you would like to see added?

2) What other types of cruisers would you like to see? And can you recommend any? I've made a push to include more cruisers with children (some of those interviews have started to come out) and am currently struggling to find more non-American/Canadian cruisers. What other types of cruisers should I ask? And do you know of anyone who fits that category? I am willing to spend a limited amount of time on Google to push for a type of cruiser but I rely heavily on suggestions from YOU on whom to interview. Please, pretty please, with sugar on top, use the power of your own "blog reading list" or google or friends lists to suggest people to me to interview.


  1. I love reading your interviews. If I could make a suggestion, it would be to eliminate the '2 years' requirement for interviewees. Its nice to hear stories from people who have been doing it for a long time and have a lot of experience. But I'd like to hear a little about the people who started cruising only to decide it wasn't for them. What were they expecting before they left... why did they turn back early... what did they not like about it... etc.

    On that note, I have a suggestion (same couple, different blogs):

    syzygysailing.com and weatherhelmed.com

  2. I'd like to hear more from some cruisers who go out there to do a certain activity like surfing, fishing, diving, etc. Someone who is on a quest of sorts to find the best of said activity.

    And more poor sailors hehe. I am inspired by people who had to scrap to achieve their dreams, not just sell the house & stocks then go off. In other words....younger cruisers who don't have a lifetime of assets to sell and go.

  3. We'd also like to hear about cruisers on a small budget, since we won't have much! However, we've enjoyed reading all that you share!

  4. Seth and Elizabeth on Honeymoon (on sailblogs)
    Seth and Jaime on Slapdash (theslapdash.com)
    Roger on La Palapa ( has 2 on sailblogs I think)
    Brian, Brady and Erin on Delos (svdelos.blogspot.com)

    These are all younger cruisers but I think it represents a nice mix, although they don't all fall within your 2 year limit. I think they may have some great things to say.

  5. This blog is great for getting perspectives on cruisers with experience. Perhaps you should widen your scope to include would be cruisers with a different question pool. This would probably work best as a companion site to this one rather that interleaving interviews.

  6. I'd like to thank you for the wonderful information your interviews are yielding! I agree that it would be interesting to hear from some newer-to-cruising couples.

  7. Peter and Ginger Niemann aboard s/v Marcy would make an excellent couple to interview. They have just returned from a 3+ year circumnavigation along a route that took them south of the major capes. They are a great down-to-earth couple that I believe many of your readers could relate directly to.

  8. We agree with the removal of the 2 year limit. Perhaps adjust the boat list to reflect how many years experience each boat has at the time of the interview.

    It would be nice to hear from some people who have a little experience as well as from some real rookies - people who are doing the Baja 2010 and Puddle Jump 2011!

    Keep up the great work.
    Carol & Lance

  9. Great concept and great execution. Based on my own interests I enjoy the questions on cruising long term with kids and costs to cruise.

    Potential interviewees:
    - Morgan's Cloud
    - Dashews

    Thanks for hosting L last week.



  10. I agree with removing the 2 year rule but having two boat lists so it is easy to sort out the interviews with the more experienced boats from the newbies. I do think a some sort of minimum time out is helpful, maybe 1 year? Anyway I enjoy all the interviews and hope to see many more!

  11. Here are some of the blogs I have really liked:

    Indigo Moon (probably the best cruising blog I've ever read): http://www.indigomoon.us/

    Adamo Family: http://adamocrew.blogspot.com/

    Uliad: http://www.uliad.net/

    Christian Allaire: http://www.christianallaire.com/

    Zero to Cruising: http://www.zerotocruising.com/

    Prudence: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/ashiya/?show=profile

    Hobo Sailor: http://www.chadlawie.blogspot.com/

    Hope these help. I really appreciate your blog. It is a great resource.

  12. i'd like to know more about how to get into cruising. Some of us that read this are not experts, but want to be!

  13. Love this series and have posted several links to it from our website, North American Sailor (nasailor.com). Agree with a lot of the comments above - younger cruisers, sailing on a budget, and sailors who are also interested in sports like diving, fishing, etc would be interesting. I really liked the interview you did recently where both the mother and daughter provided answers and would love to see more of that. It would also be interesting, maybe, to hear from coastal cruisers - folks who have done the great circle route in the US or who focus on the Maine to Bahamas trip - what's different about this type of cruising vs. offshore. I also love to hear about how people adjusted to living on board (what their first few weeks/months were like) as well as things they brought and didn't need and things they wish the should have brought along.

    I will email a few suggestions for interviews. Thanks again for the site!