09 August 2010

10 Questions for Patron

Ted & Honey have cruised aboard Patron, a Whitby 42 hailing from Vancouver, since 1999. Over those years they have sailed through the Pacific Ocean, Asia, South Indian Ocean, Across the Atlantic, and the Caribbean. They say: Cruising is of course hard work & some bad weather but it is mostly fun & rewarding!

Why did you decide to cruise?
Seemed like a good idea at the time

Describe a "typical day" at anchor on your boat.
Breakfast, listen to BBC shortwave, a couple of hours of matenance chores, a couple of hours of snorkeling or walking, a trip to town for fruit veg supplies

How would you recommend that someone prepares to cruise?
No comment

Describe a negative experience you have had with local people somewhere you have visited?
Robbed by 6 men at knifepoint in South Africa

Have you found "trade goods" to be useful on your cruise? If so, what kinds?
No but other boats have

With the benefit of hindsight, what are the boat selection criteria you would use to purchase a boat for long term cruising?
Nothing less than 42 ft, with lots of fuel and water

Was there anywhere you visited that you thought was overrated (not as good as you had heard)?

How did you secure your valuables (in and on your vessel) while going ashore? And your dinghy?
We have done nothing, in most places we have not even locked up. Exception is the Caribbean, lock everything.

Of the changes, choices and compromises you had to make along the way, which were you happiest and most satisfied about, which do you wish you had chosen otherwise and why?
We have really enjoyed our trip so far (12 years).

What question do you wish I would have asked you besides the ones I've asked you and how would you answer it?
Something about equipment. A good autopilot and a high output wind generator to run it. AIS is a must have. We do not have, but would recommend a Pactor modem and sailmail.