01 July 2010

Readers Weigh In - Open Discussion

Happy Canada Day!

15 interviews have been published on the site. What (if anything) have you learned? What surprised you?

Reminder of ground rules:
  1. I specifically asked the interviewees to respond from their personal experience and to NOT try to address all possible answers to any given question. Interviewers were asked to express how THEY cruise not how others SHOULD cruise. This is not a complete book on how to cruise but rather a sampling of real cruisers' personal experiences. Please keep their instructions in mind when responding.
  2. The interviewees are not responsible for answering any questions and readers should not expect that they will see their comments.
  3. I will be moderating the first few rounds of comments. If your comment takes a day to appear, this is why. Hopefully I'll stop moderating after a few sessions.
  4. Disagreement is great - personal attacks are not.
  5. No anonymous posting.