10 May 2010

10 Questions for So It Goes

Bob & Sheila are currently cruising aboard So It Goes, a Cal 34 which is they describe as a "Classic Plastic temporary boat we bought after losing our last one to a lightning strike. It's a kiss too small but is such a great boat. It just keeps hanging in there!". They moved onto their first cruising boat in 1988 although they had been living on the French canals for a few years prior. Since 1988 they have cruised Europe and the canals, the Mediterranean, Africa and the Carribean. Although their boat hails from Hilo, Hawaii, USA, they have been cruising so long that they no longer consider themselves from anywhere in particular. You can learn more about them at their blog.

Describe a perfect cruising moment that will make cruisers-to-be drool with anticipation
While in the Med we had a group of dolphins swimming with us through the night watch and only when I stuck my head out after hearing the egg timer go off would they do their "thing" jumping the bow wave, showing off and suchlike. When I closed the hatch they would go back to just swimming along with us. Every fifteen minutes it was showtime for them and I was their chosen audience... Just does not get better than that!

Is there something you wish you had bought or installed before starting cruising?
When we left we went with the less is more mindset and pretty much got it right.

Which spares do you wish you had more of? Less of?
We've mostly been light on systems... Our first two boats only had an outboard and our current boat has Electric propulsion (which works great by the way) and as such we don't really need much in the way of spares. While not spares we'd love to be able to carry more film and boat building tools...

What do you dislike about cruising that surprised you?
A lot of the cruising fleet bring their problems with them...

Over the time that you have been cruising, has the world of cruising changed?
Very much so. When we started it seemed the average boat size was less than 35' and now it is more like 45'+. People these days are a lot less handy and self sufficient so the costs of cruising for a lot of people we run into are out of control which makes for unhappy campers.

Of the changes, choices and compromises you had to make along the way, which were you happiest and most satisfied about, which do you wish you had chosen otherwise and why?
The work/cruising compromise has always been problematic. These days we have adapted our business (film/boat building/charter brokerage) so that we can work from wherever our boat happens to be so no more having to stop to build up cruising chips.

How has cruising affected your personal relationships?
We just had our 30th anniversary and twenty-seven of those years have been afloat... Pretty much says it all!

What is the most important attribute for successful cruising?
Being able to roll with the flow.

What are your impressions of the cruising community?
That's a hard one because there are really a bunch of different communities... But, most of the people we meet on boats are more like us than not so. Generally speaking we tend to get along with everyone.

What question do you wish I would have asked you besides the ones I've asked you and how would you answer it?
Where would you like to cruise now? More off the beaten path... We really miss being the only boat in an anchorage!