06 April 2010

In The News, Update, Thanks & Reader Support

News: The Interview With A Cruiser Project was recently featured on the front page of the online publication Three Sheets NW and on the blog Boat Bits.

Update: Interviews come out on Mondays and I now have completed interviews through May 3 with others in the works. You can check back on Mondays or be notified via email, feed or twitter - see the bottom of the main page here.

Thank you: A big thanks to our readers who have been submitting suggestions for interviewees and also new questions to ask. New reader questions have been added to the Question Bank and have already been sent out to new interviewees.

Reader support: If you enjoy the resource and want to see it grow, there are two main ways you can help:

1) Please continue to suggest people who have been cruising outside of their home country for more than 2 years as potential interviewees. Feel free to suggest yourself! In particular, I will have a difficult time reaching people who do not keep their own blog, or keep a blog but not in English, who hail from outside the US and Canada, who have finished their cruise or who don't frequent the online forums. Email me with your suggestions at iwac.project@gmail.com

2) If you participate in an online sailing forum and enjoy reading the interviews, please do post a link to the site. Or make a post about the project, or add a link, to your own blog/website. For the internet savvy, there is html for a "badge" on the right side of this page.

Cheers, Livia