25 June 2011

Salty, Power and Tracking

Salty: If you haven't checked out the Newly Salted site recently, there are now interviews with 13 new(ish) cruising boats. Also posted is an explanation of the project and how to be interviewed. As always, please suggest people to interview to help the resource grow via email (iwac.project@gmail.com).

Power: If you know of any powercruisers who might enjoy participating in the IWAC or Newly Salted sites, please suggest them (or volunteer yourself). I don't discriminate based on sails.

Tracking: You can receive the Interview With A Cruiser Project or the Newly Salted sites delivered to your inbox via email. Subscription options are at the bottom of each page. Alternatively, you can keep track of what is going on (and comment) on our Facebook page.