18 March 2011

Happy Birthday IWAC

One year ago today, the Interview With A Cruiser Project went live

Thank you to the crew of the more than 50 boats who have donated their time to the cruising community by having their interviews published here:

And thank you to the crew of the many more boats that are scheduled to come out.

Thank you to readers who have helped to promote the site or suggest interviewees and questions.

A big thank you for the liquid motivation.

Well done team!

((This post is open for comments in case you have any suggestions or feedback you want to leave. As always, feel free to email me at iwac.project@gmail.com as well))

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Leah Kruger said...

The new interview on Monday is definitely the highlight of my week -- I don't know where your motivation comes from Lydia but THANK YOU so much for continuing to put this together for those of us in the "Dreamer" category!!!

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